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Monday, August 3, 2009

Finally, some relief

This week, Little Man will undergo surgery. Minor surgery, but surgery no less.

A week after his last check-up with the Ears, Nose, and Throat doctor in June, he suffered another ear infection. This one was pretty bad. And of course, it came out of no where. We thought he was just sad from my visiting Texas friend needing to leave, but by noon he was spiking a 102 degree fever. By eleven that evening, after several doses of Motrin, which is suppose to last longer than Tylenol, he was still suffering from a major fever.

After ten days worth of medicine (and a canker sore for the first few days which made giving the medicine even worse), the ENT doctor deemed it necessary to have tubes in both ears as well as his adenoids removed. Granted this experience has not been as worse as AmyBow's with poor little AK having double ear infections over and over again all within her first year, it's still something.

I have absolutely no qualms about having him get this procedure done. Whatever needs to be done. I think working in the vet field has prepared me, only slightly, for taking care of children (of course when your child bleeds that's a different story). I'm glad that this will bring him relief and an end to the ear infections. Hopefully, the new kid won't suffer as much with ear infections.


Lori said...

Poor LMA. Those pesky ear infections hurt like all heck.

I hope that the surgery takes care of the problem.

AmyBow said...

Poor munchkin. I am always amazed at how much happier and more energetic AK is when she doesn't have an ear infection. I guess I don't realize how much it impacts her. I am betting LMA will be even more perfect after he is feeling 100%!

Wenderina said...

We were all thinking of you today/tonight and will call tomorrow to check up on LMA.