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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kitchen Remodel Complete!

Our kitchen remodeling is finally complete. Although there are a few minor touch-ups that need to be done and we would still like to replace the countertops with new laminate (or whatever is on sale at the time) and tile back splash, at least the cabinets are done.

I have to admit, I was a little hesitant about going to an off white color for the cabinets, but our main objective wasn't to please me. It was to appeal to possible new buyers in the future. We were told by a neighbor real estate agent that lighter is better. And boy was she right.

Before, I remember thinking that the kitchen was so dark at night with only the track lighting on the ceiling. Now, you walk into the kitchen and it just explodes with light! I'm so happy we chose the linen white and the brushed nickel hardware. I just hope this gets us our asking price in the spring or at least a really good tenant.




Lori said...

Wow! The light color really does make a difference. It looks great!

Jude said...

YEAH! It's done! It looks really good.

Wenderina said...

That looks so good Jessica. I really admire your energy- I can't imagine being pregnant (ok we could stop right there) and having a 2 year old (or there) AND doing a kitchen remodel. I'm such a slacker.

Anonymous said...

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