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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A little sidetracked

I realized yesterday I got a little carried away in my post. By the time I was halfway through, I just wanted to vent and had gotten completely sidetracked on the original idea for the post.

The real intention of the post was to give an update on the progress LMA has made without his beloved Paci. AmyBow had given me a great suggestion to "trade-in" Paci for a new toy. I had attempted to do that with the bus we purchased the week prior, but I realized he needed something he could hold on to while sleeping.

Instead of going to the store and buying yet another toy, and probably get distracted by trucks and trains, hubby came up with an idea. LMA has plenty of stuffed animals here already, why not trade-in Paci for one of those? So Thursday morning, I got out only a few stuffed animals, as not to overwhelm him with options, and asked him to pick out another friend for nap time. He was so excited about the idea that he "introduced" Piggie to all his crib friends.

Then when Gramma and Pop-pop sent a new teddy bear for Valentine's Day, he was even more excited. Now all I have to say after we finish reading a few books before nap time is, "Piggie and teddy bear are really tired now. Keep them company while they take a nap."

So, now I am happy to report that Paci has been officially replaced. He doesn't really even mention it anymore either. LMA is still taking a nap. And Mommy is still getting her beloved me time.

I love it when things work out in the long run.

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AmyBow said...

YAY!!! I am so thrilled to hear that you found a solution that worked for you and LMA. Now you ahve to figure out how to flatted the paci to put in his 2 year scrapbook.