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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Farewell Beloved "Friend"

I had a feeling it was coming sooner or later. I was just really hoping it would be later than sooner.

Or that he would eventually just not ask for his beloved "friend" for nap times.

However, today is the day that we say good-bye to Little Man's beloved friend...


Yes, today when he woke up at 2pm crying because said friend was not in his mouth, I retrieved Paci for him. No more than 45 seconds later, he was crying harder. When I went upstairs to console him, figuring his nap was officially over, I found Paci in two pieces.

Now what?

Do I go out and buy him another?? Or is he truly old enough to give up paci and get to sleep on his own during nap time (he does it on his own at night time)??

I really hope this doesn't mean he's going to give up his naps entirely, because that would truly suck and constitute another Paci immediately.

P.S. Thank GOD he didn't choke on this.


AmyBow said...

It is time. You have a great opportunity to have little man say goodbye to his friend. Maybe have a going away party?

Jude said...

wow! we just talked about this yesterday! Oh well - he can do it...find a box and have good-bye party (I like that!); but my baby has to stop growing up!!