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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Adventures in Dish washing

Last month I was in desperate need of something new to do with Little Man A as our days had become boring and mundane again. One of my friends offered the idea of letting him play with the dishes in the sink. Of course, not the breakable ones nor the silver ware. So we tried it...

And now he loves it so much, he asks to do dishes on a daily basis. Sometimes even twice daily!

I also wanted to mention a great big THANK YOU to my wonderful aunt Wenderina and lovely Nana who purchased a gift certificate to Gymboree for me and Little Man A. We are starting tomorrow and I can not wait! We'll be posting pics from those excursions as well, I'm sure!


Lori said...

He is so incredibly cute! Can he come here and do my dishes? Or does he do other chores? I'd pay him to do the laundry!

I'm sure you hear it all the time, but he totally looks like his mama!

KiKi said...

LOL @ lori - I was gonna ask the same thing. I also need some clothes folded, thanks.

AmyBow said...

He looks so grown up! Did he shoot up a few inches over night?!