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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

September in Review

Last month, now that I look back, is a total blur. Maybe because October is almost over, but also because Gramma and Pop-pop visited for a week and then we were off to Disney (that's for October's month in review)! Here's a few highlight photos.

The month started out with Labor Day weekend and our first trip to B&O Railroad in Baltimore. Little Man was in total awe when we pulled into the parking lot. Then when we actually walked into the building, he was in total disbelief. Needless to say, we've helped with his obsession of trains. I can hear him now at Trains Anonymous, "Hello. My name is Little Man A and I love trains."

The following weekend Little Man A got his first haircut. I was trying so hard to see if it would grow out into a surfer dude haircut, but alas it just wasn't full enough to manage that look. I of course was the paranoid mommy who was calling it a "trim" rather than a "cut", just in case that word would evoke images of mass killings. Anyways, he did great.

The next day was Kid's Fest at the B&O Railroad. So, since we purchased a membership, we headed back to Baltimore. This time we arrived as soon as they opened and kept Little Man going until he crashed. He ended up falling asleep on the train ride (right around noon - poor schedule baby) that showcases some of the older parts of the railway line. Afterwards, we had our lunch at a local park and continued on with the fun-filled day. We all had a great time.

Gramma and Pop-pop came to visit and just in time for Gramma's birthday weekend. Our first excursion was to the Air & Space Museum near Dulles Airport, but still part of the Smithsonian Institute. A large, open concept "hanger" building with lots of room for a running toddler, I think the best part of the museum has to be the observation tower. Pointed in the general direction of Dulles Airport, if you arrive in the morning, you can literally see plane after plane land in the runway. At one point, Little Man was sitting in the front of the tower and every minute there would be another plane coming in on each side.

Gramma and Pop-pop were able to join us in our Sunday tradition visit to IKEA for a late breakfast. It also happened to be Gramma's birthday!

After Little Man's afternoon siesta, we headed out to our second excursion. The Potomac Point Fall Harvest Festival. Although Gramma is not a wine drinker, and we arrived a little later than we had wanted, we still had a fun time. Both Little Man and I got to stomp grapes (purchased from a local grocery store) and ink our feet. We enjoyed decorating and eating a pumpkin-shaped sugar cookie, a wine tasting (while Little Man watched "Happy Feet" and played in the kiddy room) and later, a nice dinner out.

That night, we all enjoyed a birthday cupcake-cake that Gramma and Pop-pop made in the shape of a truck ... just for Little Man A. It's from a Wilton kit that when you configure the cupcake shapes can create a truck, a rocket, or a train. Gramma wanted to practice for Little Man's birthday. Little Man agreed, it was a good birthday cake!

Hubby was able to take off the rest of the week previous to us leaving for Orlando, so Monday we ventured into downtown D.C. We decided to drive into the Springfield station so we could take the Metro into D.C. rather than trying to find parking. Little Man was so excited to finally get on "a train" bound for somewhere. He held on tight, just like Daddy.

Our first stop was at the Pentagon to visit the new Pentagon Memorial. A lot of thought, time, and effort went into this beautiful memorial where we honor those we lost at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

We ventured back onto the Metro to end up on the Mall around the corner from the Museum of Natural History. We stopped in the park first for a yummy lunch while Little Man chased after the pigeons on the ground. Inside, we were able to see the newly opened Sant Ocean Hall and of course, check out the Mammal Hall. Little Man loved looking and touching all the exhibits.

Surprise to say, Little Man actually kept going for another hour or so. We headed back to the metro before rush hour started (FYI if you catch the metro between 9:30 and 3pm, the rates are half the normal cost!) and Little Man passed out on the ride home. Thankfully, we took the long way home because as soon as we tried to transfer him into his car seat, he woke up. Thanks to the help of Gramma and Pop-pop, he was able to make it through the rest of the night without any major meltdown.

The next day, we began getting ready for our little vacation to Orlando. We purchase a timeshare at Sheraton Vistana Resort in 2006 right around the corner from Disney. I mean, if there we no trees between the condo and Disney, we could see Epcot. They are building a new condo, Sheraton Vistana Villages, a little further away, but still fairly close. For a rate we could not pass up, we stayed for 4 days, 3 nights and received two tickets to Disney, dinner at Planet Hollywood, and two AMC movie tickets that we can use anywhere. I was trying to get Little Man excited about the venture and also wanted to make sure he had plenty of toys (not like he wouldn't have anything to do there). So I brought out one of his backpacks and he helped fill it with his favorite trucks.

Granted I know it took me an entire month to get this post us, but I'll make sure to get October's month in review up next week. Make sure to check back for Disney pics, Lake Ridge Nursery Fall Festival pics, ad of course, Halloween. Have a good one!


Wenderina said...

Great post! Makes me miss you even more.

KiKi said...

He gets a great haircut and then you cover it up with a hat. What's up with that?! ;)

Love the haircut.