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Friday, October 10, 2008

Oh what fun...

Hello fellow blog-land. Long time no blogging. Hope you didn't forget about me. Between the parents visiting, our short trip to Walt Disney World, and just trying to get back on track, it's left no time for blogging. I've managed to put this one entry together for your viewing pleasure.

Gramma and Pop-pop are just the coolest people in the world to Little Man A. Especially when they come bearing goodies. And what better goodie than a new toy... er, bath paints. Yup, my child was painted with blue, red, and yellow the first night Gramma and Pop-pop showed up. Needless to say, Little Man and Gramma were so excited about them they neglected to check the age appropriateness, the fact that it is NOT tear proof, and that used in excessive amounts could turn your child a different shade. Especially the yellow one.

But no worries. He, I should say they, had a great time painting with colored soap. And who wouldn't when you can look like this:

Stay tuned for more fun with Gramma and Pop-pop (unless of course she beats me to it).


Wenderina said...

So glad you're back in the mix. I missed hearing about A's (I mean your) life.

Jude said...

There is nothing "funner" than being with him and doing everything were not suppose to! I miss him everyday - you and hubby, too!