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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A quick update

Lori, this is for you.

I posted last month about Little Man being due for a haircut and that he was expressing interested in using the potty. Well, we accomplished the first that following weekend.

We took him to "Cartoon Cuts" which specializes in kids haircuts. They have televisions and special movies, cool mirrors, and colorful caricatures throughout the little booths. We walked in on Saturday afternoon since the morning was full of temper tantrum city. Fortunately, there was no wait and the stylist got to trimming A's hair before he even knew what hit him. I'm sure that's the proper way to do it, just so the little tykes don't flip out, but Little Man was totally stunned about what was going on.

I was busy snapping pictures left and right from behind, it wasn't until I came around for Little Man to see me that he lost it. Fortunately, she was done. All 2 minutes later. And $17 later. Although I was disappointed that the stylist didn't ask if he wanted to watch a "special movie" like Thomas the Tank, we did get a little certificate and she was able to save a few little curls from the side of his head.

It used to be that when I picked him up, his hair would tickle my face. Now I just feels like stubble. I do have to say it seemed a little short at first, but it's already grown out quite a bit since then. I'm sure he'll be like his daddy and need a haircut every 4 weeks or so.

As for the potty fiasco, we've purchased two step stools from IKEA. He definitely knows how to put them in front of the toilet (Mom's OCD gene is showing through when he places the stool in front of the toilet "just so"), lift up the toilet seat, and attempt to pull his pants down. Usually its right after he went, but at least he knows the process. I'm not really in a rush for it though. I mean, there are 3 and 4-year olds out there walking around in diapers still (not that I want my child to be one of them). Maybe it's last little bit of babyhood that I'm not wanting to get rid of just yet. We'll keep trying.

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