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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Consider his buttons pushed

Everyone has buttons. Either it be good buttons, like when Little Man begs and signs "please" when he wants to watch a particular video with trains. Or it be bad buttons - take something away from him and he goes into a full blown rage. Little Man's button:

We took our normal Sunday trip to IKEA for our deliciously cheat breakfast today. When we ventured downstairs to the "Scratch and Dent" section, hubby found a slightly damaged set of train track with 4 magnet trains (actually it was just an opened set that someone had written on with pen) for only $3.99. Granted I know Gramma and Pop-pop purchased a train table with train tracks and accessories for Christmas, but compared to $14.99 for this set, it was a no brainer.

We came home and at first I was only going to let him play with two out of the four trains. Then he saw the train track and started saying "track. train track." So that blew that idea.

He was doing fine, taking apart and putting the track together. Watching daddy rearrange the tracks to numerous configurations. Until he started to get frustrated with the track. He threw the first piece, then a second, and we said "all done. no more trains."

That would be where we pushed his buttons. He exploded. Full blown rage for an almost 2 year old. Guess we know what to threaten him with next time he misbehaves (just kidding those who are reading from CPS).

Needless to say, we had to set him aside by himself until he calmed down. Since it was so close to lunch/naptime, we tried offering him milk or a pretzel to see if that would change his mind set. When that didn't work, we just put him to bed. For him to figure out his emotions.

Hopefully, when he wakes up, we can start fresh.

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