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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Little Man and trucks

Like every other little boy out there, Little Man loves trucks. But I'm not talking just loves. I mean L O V E S trucks. He even hears a truck or something that sounds like a truck, he stops what he's doing, points to the air, and grunts like a truck engine.

When he actually sees the truck... total trance.

So, when Pop-pop showed up with a big yellow truck that parked right in front of his house. Let's just say the little boy was in heaven.

I'm not sure what this child is going to do when he grows up, but I know it's going to include trucks, trains, rocks, sticks, and dirt. Does an engineer still fit in that description?? I want him to do something that makes money in the future.


KiKi said...

The expression on his face sez it all. Bet you had a hard time getting him away from it, lol.

Wenderina said...

Just keep encouraging him to identify what he loves. Making money (can you believe I? am saying this???) is not the end all be all.

Mama Lou said...

Oh, what a little man he is becoming!! I bet PopPop and grandma really didn`t want to leave on their long trek across country and leave him behind.
He is really precious and oh the expression!!