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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bathroom reno complete!

Prior to fourth of July weekend, I posted that hubby and I were renovating our downstairs bathroom. We were hoping that it wasn't going to turn into one huge project just like every other small project in this god forsaken house. Now that it's over I can say, the worse thing that could have happened, both time and monetary wise, was if we needed to replace ALL of the drywall and the shower. Although hubby begs to differ because he says he could have gotten a even surface to work with. I say yes, but sanding the wall did just fine (except for the spots that he missed of course).

Actually, I say we, but it was mainly hubby. The bathroom was really way too small for both of us to work and of course he's the more handier of the two of us. About the only thing that I helped with was painting, and even that I seemed to be in the way. I'm sure it was also because I had that nasty fall last week and he really thought I was in too much pain to be helping at all.

So here is the before picture (gross, huh? And yes, everything is an ivory-dingy yellow color):

And here are the after shot (very pretty!):

The vanity and medicine cabinet are actually smaller than the original (I think the toilet is as well, but I only care that it's a water saver toilet) so it makes the bathroom seem much bigger. The nice coal miner's gray wall cover complements the gray slate color tile. That in itself also helps make the room seem bigger, not to mention cleaner! I don't dare show you the drywall mold accumulation at the base of the shower we had to replace.

I'm not sure how much it cost us exactly, mainly because we were also purchasing products for the upstairs bathroom reno as well. Plus not to mention the numerous times hubby had to make emergency last minute, crap the part didn't work runs to Lowe's. All in all, hopefully this will make the house sell for our asking price when and if we need to sell.

Let me know what you think. Next project: The main bathroom.


KiKi said...

Yep, much better. Niiice.

Jude said...

WOW! I can't wait to see it in person! Good job Rich!