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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

In case any of you read Wenderina's comment from yesterday's post, today is my birthday. Yup, I'm getting old. Although the funny thing is... I really don't feel like it. Nor do I really even think that I look like it either. But that's just my point of view. I'm sure if there was an 15-year old walking past me on the street while I was pushing my 18 month old son in the stroller they may think otherwise.

Anyway, although it didn't turn out exactly like hubby had planned (he didn't even tell me he was able to get the day off until this morning), I think it turned out to be a very nice day.

We started our day at Gymboree art class making a "ring of posies". Too bad Little Man is not entirely sure of what posies look like or even what they are for that matter. Alas, he did a great job painting inside the ring ... and all over the table.... and adding a little to his tongue for good measure. Unfortunately, hubby who was doing more observing than picture taking didn't get a shot of Little Man putting his masterpiece together. No worries. This time in art class play-doh was a hit! However, I think I'm going to leave play-doh and it's mess to Gymboree.

Since my camera decided to die halfway through Gymboree and I wasn't too sure what was in store for the day, we decided to run back home and get the reserve camera battery. Before we got home though I noticed that Little Man was really rubbing his eyes and they appeared red. So instead of hitting the road right away, we stayed home until after his nap. Once he woke up and had his snack we hit the road. Destination: Unknown.

I kind of had a feeling of where we were headed. I had only been hinting around about wanting Sonic for my birthday since I found out the closest one was just south of us in Fredericksberg, VA (about a 45 minute drive - if we're lucky). Well apparently we weren't lucky, because traffic - rather should I say, people of Virginia love to look at other people's mishaps therefore causing the road to back up about five miles or so. Although I'm sure that's the same anywhere else in the continental U.S.

Hubby had originally wanted to take us to a local winery for a tour and tasting session. Not only did they have a good record, although I had never heard of them, they have a child's play area where you can "drop them off" while you drink up. Unfortunately they close at 5pm and by the time we would have arrived, we would have been rushed through the tour. So we are going this weekend instead.

Instead, we found a local Petco and let Little Man run crazy stretch his legs and look at the animals. He loved to run up to the children in the store and point to whatever animal they were peering in at, like he was telling them all about that particular animal. The birds and the turtles were a favorite.

But we did make it to Sonic!!

We had our favorite: chicken finger dinner with a Route 44 Cherry Limeade. Little Man had the corn dog, although he wasn't too sure about the coating at first.

On top of that, hubby was super husband and ordered me flowers. And, a good friend of mine made me this :

Is that not a great birthday present?! Because of this, I am inspired to scrap more little moments of Little Man rather than trying to capture ALL of the moments and leave me feeling like I am so far behind in scrapping. So I am going to put together a small 8x8 album of "Little Special Moments". Also, instead of doing double page layouts, I've decided to try my hand at one page layouts highlighting only one or two photos. Now I just need to finish his first year album and Wenderina's wedding album.

All in all, it was a good birthday.


AmyBow said...

Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a great day.

KiKi said...

Happy birthday! Glad you had a great one...

Mama Lou said...

I guess my card was late but I thought two days would get it there. Anyway, I am glad most of your day was not disappointing and that you will visit the winery this weekend.
We just returned fomr the Finger Lakes and visited two wineries there. We had a great time with our good friends, Beckie and Harold.

Jude said...

YEAH! Happy Birthday to my baby! I didn't want to tell you - we hit a couple of Sonics on the way across country.