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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Attention ebayers

I have to vent about something totally annoying to at least moi. Recently, I've been bidding like crazy on Cricut diecut machine cartridges on ebay. Of course, I'm not like every other impulse buyer out there though. I know my limit. If an item starts at $0.99, I'll bid but won't put a maximum price limit on the item. I'm also not someone who tries to outbid the next person when there is still 4 days left in the auction. Why you ask? So the next person doesn't jack the price up even more. However, apparently some people out there do this just for fun.

Case in point, I'm bidding on something right now that started off at $0.99. If you were someone who was interested in this item, why would you outbid me at $15.00 right away???

If it were me, I would bid the next amount and continue until I reach either the maximum I feel the item is worth, or until I outbid the previous bidder.

Now I'm guessing that particular person is expecting me to not want that item after they outbid me by $14.01 and they would be correct. Because more than likely they are the exact same person who will be stalking the item and watching as the seconds tick down then pounce at the very last second.

It's the thrill of the bid. I get that. But...

Here is my proposition to the thousands of ebayers who are bidding on items of which there are thousands of the exact same product available. Unless you absolutely need 3 of the same item, I propose that we all get one. So if you see an item that is already bid on, leave it alone and go find another one. It might take a few days to find one that no one else has bid on, but at least this way, we'll all get one at an incredible price!

Sound good?? Let's see if it works. Probably not.

1 comment:

That Chick Over There said...

I dunno. Everything I've bid on lately has been cancelled though. What the crap is that about?