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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

UFR - Unidentifiable Freakin Rash

It's been a long time (okay, just a week) since I have blogged and I really should be working on my current scrapbook project for my next client, but I really need to post this. In hopes, if anything, that someone out there may recognize this UFR and let me know what it is.

About 3 weeks ago now, Little Man A popped up with this rash on his legs. It was weird. One minute, he looked normal, the next he had a red, non-raised rash all over his legs. And it didn't seem to bother him. That day, we had gone to the park after it finally stopped raining here for 3 days straight and he played in the sand. He had come up with bug bites before, but this was completely different.

When it hadn't gone away, actually it had gotten worse - now it was on his arms! I called my mother in a panic wondering what chicken pox looked like. I had chicken pox when I was a child (I even have the scars from a few on my forehead and knee to prove it), but we weren't sure if hubby had been vaccinated against it (he didn't have it as a child).

The following day, no improvement and I really couldn't tell if it was bothering him so I called the medical center to see if we should come in. They agreed since it wasn't bothering him (I think he was just having a bad morning), they weren't pustules or bleeding, he didn't have a fever, that we should just monitor it for now. Throughout the day, the small spots turned into blotches, then some of them would disappear while more showed up. This was weird. That night we tried baking soda in the bath water just for shits and giggles.

By Friday of that week, it hadn't gone away and like I said they were getting bigger and covering his legs and thighs. I took him to the doctor after a nurse deemed it important to actually see the doctor (thanks) and he is what she said:

"A possible symptomatic reaction to a viral infection"

Which means, that is her million-dollar-I-went-to-school-for-8 years-but-I-have-no-idea-what-it-is answer.

I even canceled a Cinco de Mayo party I planned for our old neighborhood friends. And my appointment to have Mother's Day photos taken. And wouldn't you know Sunday, except for one little spot, it's gone.... or so we thought.

Needless to say, since then the spots have come and gone. Some days they are 3-6mm (about 1cm) in diameter, other's they are large 2-3cm blotches that have a defined edge, but aren't complete circles. They aren't raised, they don't cover his abdomen or torso, sometimes, they pop up on his face, and they don't itch or bother him. I've thought of endless possibilities (tick bite, chicken pox, heat rash, allergies, ringworm, etc.) but nothing seems to really fit.

So, if you're not grossed out... which I've seen worse, let me know if you've seen this before. If not, from what I've read (and of course this is from possibly a non-reliable source from the internet) it should be around for 7-60 days total. Not sure I can sit around that long, but I guess I have no other choice.


KiKi said...

Going away and coming back? Not sure... But maybe he's rubbing them off with movement? If so, it could be Molluscum contagiosum. Zeze had that about 8 months ago (and hers didn't look like what 's in the WebMd pic, so its appearance may vary). Also, her allergist told me he had NO IDEA what it was, and referred me to a dermatologist, who immediately diagnosed it.

However, I'm no doctor - so if a doc has already ruled out everything and said it's a from a non-specific virus, that could very well be - since children that age are prone to getting UFRs.

AmyBow said...

LP gets random rashes too. In fact, I had to pick her up from school and take her to the doctor Monday afternoon to get a doctor's note for what appeared to be eczema.

And a few months ago we made multiple trips to the doctor for an inexplicable rash that no one could explain and that no one thought was a problem.

It sucks not knowing what is wrong with your baby, but at least it isn't bothering him and the doctor doesn't seem to be concerned.

Wenderina said...

If it continues and if you aren't satisfied with the "virus" scenario, it never hurts to get another opinion. Perhaps the primary care physician can give you a referral to a dermatologist or allergist. It would probably make you feel better, even if they say the same thing. Thank goodness he isn't suffering any ill effects...just looks itchy.