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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Picture perfect

Every time I look at this boy of mine, I am totally amazed at what my husband and I have created. His personality is just incredible. He grows and learns something new every day. Yet, he's growing up way too fast. All this makes me wonder what our next little boy will be like.

These pictures were taken by a dear friend of mine who is part of Cooksey Keepsakes and Baby Face Picture Parties. Check them out on the web and see if there is a consultant in your neighborhood. I absolutely love how these turned out. It helps to have a great poser as well.


Lori said...

That kid of yours is just too adorable! I'm sure NKOTB will be just as adorable. Can you even imagine the cuteness of the two of them together? It might just be unbearable!

Carl said...

These are great... but i thought I was LMA's official photographer... LOL thoses are some great shots!