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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back to the Swing of things

It's been awhile since my last post, mainly because we've had quite a few visitors lately to our house. First, my dear friend from Texas came to visit so we could attend the Chantilly American Scrapbooking Convention (what a blast!). Then, my parents to visit prior to them completing their move to California.

While my parents we here, they of course played lots with Little Man - who absolutely adores "Pop-pop" and "Gramma". My father, who had just finished home renovations on their own house in New York, was able to help hubby with the deck reno. Our deck was in desperate need of something, splintering and wearing away, but unfortunately was too worn away to clean and re-stain. So we knocked out the flooring and the railing and replaced it with new wood.

The end result: is absolutely beautiful! The deck even looks bigger, too!

While the men were working outdoors, my mother, LMA, and I were working indoors on our kitchen cabinets. With a fresh coat of new linen white paint and satin nickel hardware, it's going to look great.

Unfortunately, this project is still a work in progress, but already it looks lighter and brighter and more updated in our kitchen. Can't wait to show off the end results.

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Wenderina said...

Ok, that's it. No more coming to Wenderina's house for a layabout weekend. I'm devising major home reno projects for all of you. Bathrooms first!