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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A nice day with a great camera

My birthday was extended by another week. My father and hubby did the shopping for my new camera and picked up an extra large camera bag to boot. I already have enough bags to carry and the battery that came with the bag didn't work with my camera. When we went back to return the camera bag, the deal became even sweeter when my camera went on sale as a bundle offer. I was able to snatch a Macro lens (75mm-300mm) and an extra battery with the camera. So not only can I take excellent close up photos, I can take a picture of the lion's ear when visiting the National Zoo.

Not that I really want to join the realm of photojournalists out there, but I had to show off more photos with my new camera. These photos were taken at our local park over the weekend. I love how the colors just pop!

As a side note, wish me luck. Today I have my second glucose test to check for gestational diabetes. This fun blood test takes over three hours since they are drawing blood every hour after I drink a nasty, flat orange drink. I really don't want to be on a special diet for the remainder of this pregnancy.

1 comment:

Wenderina said...

Great photos. Good luck with glucose. Remember doing that test as a teenager and when i got home I passed out on a lawn chair for about 3 hours I was so beat!