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Monday, June 15, 2009

Stepping up in the world

Yesterday, we made our first big purchase as soon-to-be parents of two children. A double stroller. We really weren't planning on purchasing it this early since we still have three months left to go, but we couldn't pass up the deal.

We ventured to Target to browse and to make one purchase. As I was walking by the infant department I started telling hubby how I had decided to go with the brown double stroller from Target rather than the black from Babys R Us (both are the same price). When I glanced back at the strollers, I noticed a sale sign near the double stroller I was referring to. You couldn't miss this sign. Because the color was being clearanced and it was only sold at Target, the bright red numbers that read "$119.99" yelled out to us. Okay, to me. For a double stroller originally priced at $169.99, we couldn't pass this up.

I send hubby up to customer service to inquire about more in the back while I ventured with Little Man to the toy section. Hubby comes back with bad news and good news. Bad news: Turns out the sign was actually intended for the single stroller system. According to the associate, she didn't think there were anymore doubles left in the store anyways. As hubby was double checking the boxes, he reached for one and noticed it was the brown we were looking for! They were both surprised. Good news: Even though the sign was misplaced, she was willing to honor the price!

Little Man was so excited, for whatever reason, to be taking home a "double stroller". As soon as we got home, he wanted to help Daddy put it together and ride in it.

The best part about this stroller system is that Little Man could technically ride in either the front or the back if he wanted to sit in the normal seat. When he gets a little bigger and can't fit in the seat, we can remove the rear seat and he can sit backwards facing me.

We're really hoping that this his is way of being excited about his new baby brother, but I have a feeling it's just because it's a new "toy". For the rest of the day, he proceeded to tell us, "I really like the double stroller". He even had this to say about his stroller...


Jude said...

Yeah! he is too cute! I can't wait to get my arms around him!!!

Lori said...

That video is great! LMA is too freaking cute.

You got a good deal on the stroller. I haven't seen it in black, but I think you made the right choice. I like the brown.

Wenderina said...

I finally got a chance to see the video portion of this - so cute.