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Friday, June 12, 2009

It's a ....

So did you take the time to vote as to what I'm carrying?? Did you guess that Little Man was going to have a baby sister or brother?

Well, if you voted that I was having a BOY, you would be correct!

This is somewhat of a relief considering we already have all boy items. Buying new girl things I'm sure would not have been a problem with anyone in my family, especially Gramma. However, now hubby is toying with the idea of trying for a girl. Whatever! After this one, the fact that we will have no more children (at least that come out of my body) will be made permanent. Somebody's getting snipped.

Now that the gender of the baby is out of the way, we need to figure out a name. And not just any name. It has to be unique like LMA's and preferably not start with the letter A. We have a few ideas, but the end decision will remain a secret until the "new kid" welcomes us with his presence.

Oh, and to top things off, he's already a week and a half bigger than he should be. At least I know this time we won't go past my due date, but unfortunately that won't change unless he's measured three full weeks ahead of schedule. So I guess I'm having another large baby, like it or not. Apparently, there's also a soccer match going on inside me because he's done nothing by kick and punch like crazy lately.

Anyway, hope everyone has a wonderful AND dry weekend. (We're so sick of the rain.)

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