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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Coupons 101

Last month I posted about my new found aspiring career to save money by using coupons. I'm not talking one or two coupons with your grocery order. I'm talking $27 worth of coupons! Which is exactly how much I saved yesterday when I went grocery shopping at our Army commissary (I saved $21 two weeks ago).

So I thought I would spread the love and give you a few links to some of my favorite coupon websites. Make sure to bookmark these, you may want to check them on a daily basis (if you have time of course).

Moms By Heart is a mother of five who, feeling the tough times in the economy, decided to spread the "love" by sharing her found deals. From codes for a free Redbox movie to links for Target coupons (which take both manufacturer and Target coupons for the same item making these FREE or close to it) to coupon codes for online catalogs. This site is a must to visit!

Hot Coupon World is great for printing more Target, CVS, and Walgreens coupons. There's also a database available for coupons, but I haven't used that much yet.

Coupons.com is a great place to check out grocery coupons, coupons for local restaurants, and entertainment.

Coupon Clipper you can purchase coupons... if they are still available. For cents on the dollar you can pick up and have shipped to your house a handful of coupons.

A few others to check out include:
Surviving the Stores
Red Plum
The Freebie Blogger

And just in case you would like more proof of the savings you can get from coupons, take a look:

All of the above (from a combination of Target and our Army commissary/grocery store) for $3.39 including tax. Just by using manufacturer coupons from either the newspaper or online. So get out there and save some money! And let me know if you have any other sites that are worth checking out.