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Monday, April 20, 2009

Rain, rain, come and stay!

There was a toss up as to what post I should start with first this week. We did quite a few things over the weekend and I wanted to share them all right away. However, since it's raining today, our new purchase won the vote.

I wasn't expecting to have the truck today since we had a busy weekend and I usually like to hang around home on Mondays as a cool down day. When I heard the rain this morning, I knew it would be a perfect day for coloring, painting, and even making a train photo frame from his birthday party (yes, it was back in December). Alas, hubby forgot that he had a physical therapy appointment for his back this morning so we needed to take him into the train station or else he would have to pay for parking at work.

Little Man and I headed to our local mall which happens to be one of the best outlet malls that I've been to. Especially when you take into consideration the sales that both the Disney and Children's Place stores have on a regular basis. But Little Man's heart was set on visiting the LEGOS Store, aka "Block Store". I purposely parked in front of Children's Place entrance to make sure we stopped there on the way out. I just received an Extra 15% off coupon of your entire purchase and wanted to see if they had any winter coats left to pick one up for next year.

We made our way to the LEGOS Store, stopped at Auntie Anne's pretzels with a Buy One, Get One coupon, the Disney Store (which was having great sales by the way), and then to the Customer Service station to spin the wheel. We signed him up for the mall's kids club and every time we go to the mall, he gets to spin a large wheel for a prize (nothing spectacular this time).

Unfortunately, Children's Place didn't have any winter coats left, but they did have other items on sale for only $1.99! Other items were just marked 50% off the already marked down price. I'm telling you, this place could be your best and worse nightmare shopping for kids' clothes.

So long story short, we finally purchased our first pair of rain boots. I made sure to get a size 9 so he could hopefully fit into them next year as well (as long as his big feet don't grow too fast). Even though Mom lets him splash in some of the smaller puddles, he was so excited to actually go splashing in the BIG puddles.

We get home and he makes his way to the big puddle....

The boots? Shark boots! And yes. Those are fins on the back of the boots. The price? Less than $8 after being on sale and with my extra coupon. Love Children's Place!