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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Maybe this way or that way?

I said it before and I'll say it again. Raising a child is like a science project. You can have hypothesis after hypothesis of what's going to be your outcome, but until you actually try your experiment, you'll never know how it's going to end.

I'm sure some of the mothers out there are saying, "What to hell is she talking about!?" I'm a scientific person. This is how I work, so go with me.

Last month, before Gramma and Pop-pop came to visit, Little Man was waking up close to 8am. Which was a dream for me considering I was still in my first trimester and exhausted as ever. I still needed to take a nap when Little Man went down just to be able to make it through the day. When hubby and I returned from our trip to St. Maarten, Little Man seemed to change his mind and think that 6:30-7am was a better time. Whatever.

So, I kept trying to keep him busy, sometimes pushing his naptime out until 1:30-2pm instead of his normal 1-1:30pm timeframe. I made sure to wake him up no later than 3:30pm depending on what time he fell asleep for his nap. Sometimes, he would be so tired, no matter what I did, he'd fall back to sleep in my arms. To at least keep one thing consistent, we made sure to keep his bedtime still the same. At 9pm lights out.

Gramma, not necessarily questioned me, but questioned the idea of maybe he's overtired. I had wondered the same, but wasn't sure how to change his schedule. It wasn't until last week, after chatting with a very good friend who has helped me tremendously with raising my son, that I figured we try pushing his nap time back earlier.

Last weekend regardless of what time Little Man woke for the day and if he was acting tired or not, we put him down for his nap at 1pm. I let him sleep until 3:15-3:30pm, to make sure he was awake long enough for the rest of the day. To our delight, he woke up the next day at 7:30am!

The next day, we did the same thing and he woke up at 7:45am! Monday? He didn't start moving until 8am!

Hopefully, his new wake-up time will stick around for a long time to come.

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Wenderina said...

We'll have to start calling you the Science Mom or something way more catchy than that. We got our cute bunny/photo of LMA...so precious. It's prominent on our fridge.