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Thursday, April 23, 2009

A hiking we will go

One night last week after dinner, Little Man dragged Daddy outside to play. Next thing Daddy knows he's being pulled along a trail going into our back woods. About forty-five minutes later, they finally make it back home. Since I was at my monthly MOPS meeting, Little Man and hubby made sure to tell me all about their adventures the following day.

This past weekend, Little Man made us take the adventure once again. We would alternate which trails to follow, ending up at either the marina or along one of the side roads next to our local park. Both times, we were out walking for at least an hour and it didn't even feel like it. Not to mention, Little Man was so exhausted by the time we got home, he played for 5 minutes, took a bath, and then fell fast asleep.

One of the nights, I made sure to bring my camera which happened to be the same night that hubby and Little Man both found good potential walking sticks. We even found a baby tortoise as well!

As long as it's not raining and cold, I have a feeling we'll be taking this hike on a regular basis.

1 comment:

Wenderina said...

What a great family thing to do. We'll have to take you guys out of the house (gasp) and out to some hiking sites by us next time.