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Monday, March 16, 2009

Pure Torture

The last thing any mother or father wants to do is hurt their child. Add the fact that the child is sick and it makes the situation worse. When we take our children to the doctors, we try to explain to them that doctors are good. They help people feel better.

So how do you explain that to a screaming two year old who doesn't want to take their medicine?

That all you are trying to do is make them feel better.

Mommy is trying to make the "ouchie" or "boo-boo" better.

Little Man A has taken his fair share of medicine in the short 2 years that he has been with us. So far, it's been mainly in the past 6 months. Last week when we found out yet again that he had another ear infection, the doctor prescribed a different type of antibiotic. This is mainly done just to make sure whatever bug is lingering in his little body isn't starting to become resistant to Amoxicillan. She warned me it tasted nasty.

Boy, is that an understatement.

I'm the type of person who if I won't eat it, my child or even my dog wouldn't eat it (even though I'm sure the dog would LOVE it). I was even this way when I worked in the zoo field. No, I didn't try everything I served to the animals in my care. Just the monkey biscuits, grains, and fruits. And maybe some veggies too just for quality control purposes.

So, I tried the new medicine, Ceftin.

It's deceiving. It smells like bubble gum. It even starts to taste like bubble gum. BUT OH MY GOD! IT'S NASTY!

Little Man had really gotten good at taking medicine. We were in the ready position. Milk? Check. Napkin? Check. Syringe with medicine? Check. Extra set of hands? Check. He even would open wide and sometimes say, "Mmmm. Grape." Even if it didn't taste like grape.

But this medicine........................

I feel like I'm torturing... no, I am torturing my child with this medicine.

These last two days have been horrible. He's thrown fits. He's kicked. His hit our faces. He's screamed. He's cried. And every single time, he's crying for Daddy. Which of course makes me feel like Mother of the Year Award should be sitting on my doorstep.

So today, I tried the explanation approach. I read that the "terrible twos" phase is when they are able to communicate with you, but are limited when it comes to feelings. I got down on his level. I told him it was time for medicine. Before he took a swing at me, I told me I understood that it tasted nasty. I asked him if he wanted juice or milk or water to drink after. I told him the medicine is to make his ouchie in his ear go away.

It was still murder. He's gotten to NOT swallowing because he hates this medicine so bad. He'd rather take his nighttime cold and cough medicine rather than this nasty stuff. I had to lay him back to give him his medicine and drop juice into his mouth just to get him to swallow. Which of course with buggers coming out his nose, nasty stuff in his mouth, and screaming at the top of his lungs, all made for a not-so-happy camper. He would rather walk around the house or on our shoulders drooling his medicine out than swallow.

I know tricks to giving cats and dogs medicine, but children who you are suppose to love and nurture and be a good role model for ... I'm at a loss. At this point, I'm done. He's not getting anymore of this medicine. There is just no sugar coating this medicine to be able to get him to take it. And to be honest, it's not worth my child fearing and hating me.

We have an appointment in a few weeks with the Ears, Nose, and Throat doctor. So that's it. I'm done.

I love my child too much to torture all of us like this anymore.


Wenderina said...

When I was younger (much older than LMA, but still under Mom's care) I was prescribed capsules for the first time. Prior to that I always had pills that could be crushed in applesauce since I still hadn't mastered swallowing pills. It was awful, I was crying and screaming for over an hour before I finally managed to choke it down. After the first day, I told Mom I could do it on my own and proceeded to throw all that expensive medicine in the toilet. When I started coming out of the bathroom only a minute after I went in, Mom got wise and asked to watch me take the next dose. I couldn't get it down and had to confess I had been throwing the medicine away. More than anything, Mom was upset that I was risking getting better. Moral of the story? Sometimes you just gotta swallow that pill if you know what's good for you.

Lori said...

Are you guys thinking of having tubes put in?

My cousin was around the same age when he had ear infection after ear infection. I think the ENT doc told them that at this age their eustachian tubes are elongating and they get very narrow, trapping fluid. My cousin had tubes put in and he was a different kid. I don't think he was sick again until he started school.

Good luck at the ENT appointment. Let us know how it goes. I hope they can do something to help.

Carl said...

The tubes made all the diference for me! Poor Little Man. Send him a hug from Wenderian and I!