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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oh Joy.

For those of you who think that I've been on the ball over the past few weeks, with all the postings and all, you would be mistaken. I just happened to have a couple hours one night a few weeks ago and scheduled all the entries.

It's a good thing I did do those entries because if not, you would not have heard from me.... at all.

If you asked me 3 weeks ago how I was feeling, I would have replied, "I don't even feel pregnant." Oh, how the tables have turned since then. I've officially begun the joys delight (let's not sugar coat this) adventures (to be nice) of pregnancy-hood.

1. Mood swings
Okay, this was more during week 5 and 6. Probably more out of the shock, disbelief, and pure horror hitting that I was pregnant again. So, we were trying, but that doesn't take the shock out of it at first. I'm sure anyone, even those who are absolutely elated about being pregnant, at some point say, "What the hell am I doing?" Lately, the mood swings have been centered around food. If I don't get food when I need it and right then, I turn into Dr. Jeckyll AND Mr. Hyde.

2. Excessive hunger
You can watch the clock on my hunger. Not sure if it's because I really don't have the time to sit down and enjoy a full meal since I have a toddler to entertain, but I'm STARVING ALL THE TIME. If I don't eat at least every hour and a half, I start to shake, feel light-headed, and need something NOW! Last pregnancy, I was lucky if I could eat more than saltine crackers and cinnamon-sugar toast during the first trimester. This time, I'm eating two (yes, two!) platefuls of nachos and feeling hungry again a hour later.

3. Nauseous, nauseous, nauseous
Did I mention I was nauseous? As soon as I hit 6 weeks pregnant, I've been feeling nauseous non stop. Well, except when I'm eating. As soon as I'm done, I feel nauseous. And it doesn't matter how much or how little of something I eat (ie two platefuls of nachos). When I do find something, or should I say crave something, I make sure to get my full share. Because two minutes later, I feel like I'm going to get sick. I did find one thing that works... California navel oranges. Must be the fiber and vitamin C.

4. Sleepless nights
No matter how exhausted I am through the day, whether I take a nap or not, as soon as my head hits my pillow I can't go to sleep. I've tried reading books just to clear my head, but it doesn't work. As soon as the light is out, everything and anything is floating through my head. I know I can take Unisom (actually during pregnancy it has an anti-nausea effect), but I'm even more exhausted the following day, even just taking half a pill. I had taken Melatonin previous to finding out I was pregnant to help me get to sleep, but not sure of side effects. Of course, being exhausted all day makes me want to take a nap during the day. Which of course, starts the endless cycle of sleeplessness.

5. Do you smell that?
This side effect of being pregnant was what really got me my first pregnancy. Of course last time it didn't help that I was working in a vet's office with cat and dog smells. This time, it's just the same. I went grocery shopping the other day and had to practically run through particular aisles with someone wearing excessive perfume. When LMA and I visited the LEGO store while they were cleaning a display, I practically threw up right there in the entryway. I think the only time this has become an advantage is being able to smell LMA's diaper from across the room. Although, LMA has found it fun when I walk into an area with food and say, "Mmmm, do you smell that?" To which he replies, "Mmm, smell that."

6. Glass of Milk anyone?
I went grocery shopping on Monday night. Since then, I alone, have almost finished an entire gallon of milk. I bought three gallons of skim milk to last us two weeks. Thank goodness I'm not lactose intolerant. I'm drinking at least 64 ounces of water per day, sometimes even 96 ounces, but somehow I'll end up drinking more milk. Unfortunately, this leaves a nasty milk after taste in my mouth most of the day, which of course leads back to feeling nauseous.

I just hope all this stops, like it did the first time, after 12 weeks along. I don't know how much more I can take being nauseous, let alone try not to puke while going grocery shopping because I smell something funny. I just hope I can make it through our trip to St. Maarten in three weeks.


Wenderina said...

There is nothing worse than nausea. Hang in there kiddo.

Wenderina said...

oh, and don't forget your Aunt (the one in CA, not me) who lost weight during her first pregnancy she was so ill and gained like 70 pounds with number 2!