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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Potty humor

We've been trying for awhile now to get Little Man interested in using the potty. As any parent can tell you (except for my beloved friend "C" who's child announced to her one day "No more diapers, mommy!") potty training is definitely a chore. It's something you have to work at before finally accepting.

He definitely knows when he's going. Sometimes he even announces it after the fact. Then we turn around and say, "Thank you for telling Mommy you went potty." What else am I suppose to do? I don't want him to think that I'm ignoring him and obviously I want him to tell me before hand in the future.

A few weeks ago, I thought I would try another indirect route. Books. When we went to the library I found a few potty books that would hopefully peak Little Man's interest. If you know him and his books, he took to those new books like glue. For a couple days, actually practically every day since I brought the books home, he's been wanting to read them. Over and over again.

In one particular book, No more diapers for Ducky, they show a little blue potty chair. Nothing fancy. This little chair though, Little Man points out every time. So when I saw a little blue potty chair during our family's Sunday morning outing to IKEA last week, I had to buy it in hopes that Little Man would quickly catch on.

Instead, he's carrying it around the house.

Pushing it across the kitchen floor. Yelling, "Pa-tee!" He stops every once in awhile to sit on it, but no potty in the chair yet.

Maybe after he turns two all things will be different. Yeah, they'll be different all right. Like the temper tantrums will be more fierce. Just kidding - I hope.


Lori said...

The only advice that I can offer is to be patient. Just like when you housebreak a puppy.

Isdihara said...

Will this help? Little Sprout carries his potty chair around the house too. He doesn't sit on it so much as hides toys in it. This could cause hygiene issues in the future...

Be glad Little Man A isn't hiding blocks, cars, Mr. Potato Head parts, etc. in his potty chair.

Hang in there. He'll get it. (Not sure when...) But he will get it.