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Friday, November 7, 2008

A Healthier Life for Everyone

I heard about this company in the Cookie parent's magazine (yes, even though it's showcases upper-class apparel for kids and adults alike, they do have some good points). Shaklee Corporation, has been leading the way in natural health products and sustainable business practices for 50 years.

Founded in 1956 by Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee, he first created "Vitalized Minerals," one of the first multivitamins in the world. Shaklee scientists searched the world for the finest natural ingredients. They conduct over 350 tests on every single new ingredient for heavy metals, pesticides, or any of hundreds of other harmful contaminants. Then over 80,000 quality tests annually to guarantee the purity and safety of each and every product. They guarantee every Shaklee product is 100% safe to use. Their website includes some disturbing information about toxins, chemicals, and poison exposures at home.

The product that Cookie magazine showcased was the Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate. For only $12.15 (plus tax and shipping) one 16 ounce bottle yields 48 GALLONS of cleaning solution for use on anything from the high chair to the stove top.

With purchasing Shaklee's Get Clean Special Edition kit versus conventional ready-to-use cleaners, you can eliminate 248 pounds of Greenhouse gases. With the purchase of one Get Clean Starter Kit, you can keep 108 pounds of packaging waste out of landfills. And if that's not enough, you can save close to $3400 to get the same amount of product at the grocery store by purchasing their Get Clean Starter Kit.

I don't know about you, but that's a good deal for your health, your pocket book, and for the environment. Check them out: Shaklee Corporation.

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