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Monday, November 24, 2008


I know, it's been awhile. I have very good reasons, believe me.

The first being I have had cold/upper-yucky-respiratory-not-quite-an-infection problem for the past almost three weeks now. Heaven forbid I actually get some sleep while I'm sick. Big Daddy and I slept in separate beds for an entire week just so at least one of us could get some sleep. Fortunately, when I went to the doctor almost 2 weeks ago now, she prescribed cough medicine with codeine. No more coughing for me at night! Yippee!

The second reason being these. I enter exhibit A:

My top two wisdom teeth. Yes, I am a freak and asked to keep them. (That's the scientist in me, sorry. When I got my gall bladder out I would have asked for that too, but I know doctors are a little weird about giving back body parts.) Fortunately, I only had my top two wisdom teeth - either the bottom never came in or they never will. I like to think I am part of the evolutionary process of ridding such unnecessary body parts for our future generations to come. Hence the removal of my gallbladder, tonsils, and adenoids. Don't need 'em.

I was absolutely petrified to have my teeth removed. My top left had bothered me in the past by rubbing on the inside of my cheek, but then it would dissipate after a week or so. This time around, I could barely open my mouth wide enough to brush my teeth. Needless to say, I couldn't wait any longer. The dental office had originally given me a treatment plan that would remove one tooth at a time, but after a brief thought decided to get it all over with at once, especially with the holiday/birthday season approaching.

After I waited more than 20 minutes for the novocain to "take effect" (it doesn't take that long), the doctor came back and within 2 minutes the tooth was out! I've removed teeth in cats and dogs before, so I knew the "drill" (hehe no pun intended), but that's exactly what I was afraid would happen. I've heard horror stories where the doctor needed to break the tooth and, according the many people, would have me bed ridden with dry sockets for weeks.

Apparently, the doctor didn't get the message that I wanted BOTH wisdom teeth removed. As he was washing up, I said, "Aren't you going to take out the other one?" He replied, "Huh. You wanted both out today? It's almost 5 o'clock." He thankfully was just a good sport and decided he wanted to make the practice a little extra money that day. He had only applied novocain to the left one, so we needed to wait again for it to set in for the right one. This is when you learn it really only needs 3-5 minutes to take effect. Exactly the same as the first, it took the doctor no more than 2 minutes to pry the tooth out.

What a relief to finally have that over with, but now I needed to worry about post-op care. Being a vet tech and OCPD, I made sure to follow their instructions to the letter. Thankfully, I can report that I had no difficulties at all during recovery. Big Daddy was able to take a couple days off though, just to make sure.

And third, thank you to all you out there sending me new client mojo. I accepted a new client last week. Just in time for the holiday season. Unfortunately, the Vicadin and Tylenol with codeine didn't quite enable me to do much work, but I'll be up and running this week for sure.

Stick around. There's more to come this week from A's Mom.



Carl said...

Hi Have had the same Resp. cold/icchy thing. Went to Dr today so I don't make everyone sick for thanksgiving.

A friend of mine has a blog of Brockport photos. Thought you'd enjoy. http://brockportdailyphoto.blogspot.com/


Wenderina said...

Can't wait to see you - and can't believe I didn't know you were sick or that you had the teeth out. But now that I know I say, Hey - bring those germs and come and gum on some could food.

Lori said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear that you've had to deal with all of that. I really hope you start feeling better before the flurry of holidays and birthdays hits.