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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Mantra

Today. Is not a good day so far.

It doesn't help that hubby and I were watching the Olympics until 12:30am as we cheered on Michael Phelps and the Women's Gymnastics team. Then it took me at least an hour to fall asleep. Every time I tried counting I would think of something else which would start a domino effect of thoughts. Our dog snoring and pacing in her bed didn't help either.

Neither did Little Man A help this morning by waking up at 6:30am and screaming to be freed from his prison crib (as Amy Bow likes to call it). I thought for sure taking him to the train station and then to Gymboree would help get his attitude straightened and more importantly, get his wiggles out before lunch time.

Yeah. No. Must be the full moon coming up this weekend, but every child in art class at Gymboree was in a "mood" today. One child was swatting at the other kids, one of them got sand in his eye (by his own fault when he was trying to show his mom the sand in his hands), and Little Man get paint and marker all over his beige shorts and his hands.

They have a radar for this type of stuff.

So, today I've come up with a new mantra. "It's just a phase. It will pass."

I chanted this while Little Man was trying to wiggle away from me in the middle of changing his diaper. He stopped and stared me in awe. Or like I was a total alien. Not sure which one. Probably more out of curiosity than anything, but at least he stopped. Temporarily.

So, to lighten the post and the rest of my day just a little bit, I'm posting a Cookie Monster video. Yes, cookie monster. Because everyone should stop what they are doing and enjoy a cookie. Because cookies make you smile. Unless of course they are diet cookies with no fat and no taste making them a waste of being called a cookie.

Hope this makes you smile. It makes Little Man smile.


AmyBow said...

My mantra is "maybe this is a growth spurt." If my newborn eats more or less on any given day or cries more than usual (mmeaning AT ALL)I attribute it to her growing. The phase thing is good though. Let's just hope they are SHORT phases:)

Wenderina said...


I think my favorite part of that was when CM learns he can have all the cookies and his head comes forward and those kooky cookie eyes jiggle all over. I feel like that a lot.