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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Can you say obsessed?

A few weeks ago we went to the Prince William County Fair. We made sure to get there before the crowd started shuffling in and I know Little Man had a great time. How do I know this you ask? Well, let's just say he saw his fair share of tractors at the fair.

I'm pretty sure this constitutes an obsession.

I am so glad that Little Man is getting old enough to be able to enjoy more things and events. Especially with the fair, we didn't have him "locked" into a stroller. We let him run around - let him get his wiggles out before the end of the day. He saw farm animals, like a rooster who scared the poop out of him (would have been funny if he actually pooped) when he cock-a-doodle-dooed as Little Man was walking by. They had a puppet show, that was semi-interesting. Lots of trucks and tractors. And just before we left we were able to catch a glimpse of the motorcycles jumping a ramp. Oh don't forget about the best part of a fair...

The funnel cake!

We'll definitely be going again next year!

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