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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just try

I signed LMA up for swimming lessons this month and next. Thankfully this year he was able to become more comfortable with moving around in the big pool. Partly because he realized this year that he had grown quite a bit from last year and was able to move around with his head way above the water level. That being said, he still would slip and disappear below the surface and come up terrified-looking. But he would always go back in for more which was encouraging to see. So when I signed him up for lessons so he could be MORE comfortable, like going under water on purpose, floating on his back, and blowing bubbles in the water, he was a little skeptical. Thankfully, he's started taking steps to putting himself under water. Maybe by next month he'll get it, but even if he doesn't he'll get it sooner or later.

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