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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Military Fun

Last week, we took LMA out of school for the day to see the Andrews Air Force Base Air Show. Although it took us a little bit longer than expected to actually get to the air show field, it was a day filled with excitement. Ever since we went to Miramar Air Force Base Air Show in California last year, BBZ just LOVES airplanes. In fact, I'm pretty sure "WOW" was his first word there. Now, it's "Oh, Wow!" and "Airpane" (yes, that is spelled without an 'l' because that is how he says it). I was thinking of staying only until 1pm or naptime, but I thought if BBZ was really that tired, he could just fall asleep in his stroller. It wasn't until 3:30pm that he finally fell asleep and only for 30 minutes! We caught up with some school friends, walked around "Texas" for a bit, and sat in a few cockpits. We will definitely be going back next year if we are still in the area!

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