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Thursday, March 31, 2011

And it keeps getting shorter

We started this paper chain before the first of the year to count down the days until Daddy comes home. We have watched it loopty-loop from the window to the door and now to just one single loop. Sometimes LMA wants to wait 4 rings to take any off. Others he takes them off one at a time. With only 17 days left until he sees Daddy, we ALL get excited when one more ring comes off the chain! Guess I'll be making another one of these for the last leg of Daddy's tour. Thankfully, this next one won't be as long!

1 comment:

Mama Lou said...

Jessica that is a great idea!
We are back from Florida and I caught up on your recent blogs. Love the pictures of the boys and their antics. the picture of pop pop and
z was precious.