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Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

So after a very long weekend of running the boys around to different trick or treating events, I eventually learned that I should not have looked any further than my own street.

The festivities started on Friday when LMA was able to dress up like....

Kuddos to Gramma for putting this excellent suit together!! I was able to stop by the fire station last weekend to take a picture of the back and she did an excellent job mimicking the design. I'm sure he will be wearing this for AT LEAST the next year (although he has already decided that he wants to be the Transformer, Optimus Prime next year).

Saturday we had several options: A fall festival run by our local HOA, Trick or Treating at a local grocery store strip center, and Trunk or Treat at a local church. Since A couldn't get decide if he wanted to play around or get dressed we decided on the first one in the afternoon. Thankfully it was adjacent to our wooden playground because there was nothing exciting about this "festival" at all. After dinner, we ventured out to the church for Trunk or treating, moon bounces, FREE Chick fil A, and caramel apples. Although it sounds like fun, it was actually just fun for me and A. Z was strapped to the stroller the entire time (I tried to let him roam free but we wouldn't stay around us). On top of that it was cold and EXTREMELY crowded (probably because it was the only event in the area for that night).

Sunday, we weren't going to do anything but stay home because Saturday night I was up with BBZ ALL NIGHT LONG! He started coughing uncontrollably at 10:30pm so I took him into our bed to help prop him up. That seemed to help but then he couldn't breathe at all. I tried Baby VapoRub but when 30 minutes went by with him coughing non-stop I reached for Triaminic (even though I'm pretty sure I should not have according to the directions). We both fell asleep until 4am when the coughing started again. By 4:45am I had had enough. I took him downstairs to sit in the hot steamy shower with him. He got to play with toys that LMA wouldn't let him play with the previous night and was finally able to breathe. After a quick breakfast he was ready to go back to sleep... and did until 9:30am.

The rest of the day, we went to get LMA's haircut and played outside. BBZ has taken to stepping up and down steps (fortunately not our inside house steps yet) and decided he could step down our concrete front steps on his own. That just added to the rest of the scrapes and bruises on his head. After an early rise from both their naps, I decided to head to the mall and trick or treat there. BIG mistake. There were more people there than the Trunk or Treat the night before. Afterwards, we went to McD's for a quick dinner and then home.

When we got to our street and I noticed that there were quite a few porch lights on (and a small group traveling down the cul de sac), I decided I should show LMA the true meaning of Trick or Treating. In a short 30 minutes (plus a few extra to chit chat with the neighbors), we were able to fill up his pumpkin bag, BBZ was able to roam around freely, and both were able to get some needed exercise before bedtime.

Next year, I'll know better.

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Jude said...

MMMMM! those york pp are not going to get past Mom!