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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

All for me?? You shouldn't have.

No, really. I wish he hadn't.

LMA has officially entered the 4 year old stage where everything is overly emotional, overly exaggerated, overly everything. It's like living with myself while on PMS ALL. THE. TIME.

It's exhausting.

So the other day when he decided that he couldn't put his clothes on all by himself like he has been doing now for the last few months, he went WAY over board.

For four hours he walked around in his underwear crying, "I CAAAN'T put my shirt on, MA-OOOM!!"

Being the mother that I am I told him, "Yes, you can. Go into your room and try again."

Trust me there were times when I wanted to say, "Fine, A! You win. Come here and I"ll put on your d#@$m shirt!" but unfortunately for him, I did not. It was the basic principle of it. I knew he could and he just wanted attention. And every temper tantrum needs an audience.

So, when I had finally had enough I asked him to just put on his pants. Ok, he could do that, but the shirt thing was still throwing him for a loop. Now mind you, this is the same child who for almost 4 years I have been putting on his own socks. One day, right in front of me while I was dressing BBZ, he decides to do it all by himself. I was astonished. Thrilled to say the least!

By the end of the four hours, after I knew he was cold with no shirt, no socks on, I finally gave in. Just a little. I walked into his room and told him to "show me on you are putting on your shirt." Wouldn't you know, he did it just fine.


Thanks. You really shouldn't have. Really.

1 comment:

Jude said...

Just think - another 14 yrs of testing you!! Deep breathes - patience - count to 10...