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Sunday, April 18, 2010

On our own

After six months, Pop-pop has finally returned to the west coast. He hates good-byes, so we made sure to make them short and sweet at the airport. LMA was relatively good about the entire process of saying good-bye. Probably because he knows that Gramma and Pop-pop will be back in only 6 short weeks.

It's hard to believe that he has been here every step of the way over the past six months. He has been able to watch BBZ go from being nursed to getting strictly bottles. He's been here to watch him go from detesting baths to taking one everyday with LMA. He has been able to see every milestone along the way. From his first smile to his first taste of baby cereal.

He's also been able to see LMA and his many mood changes. But he's also been here when we changed him into a big boy bed and then just last week to his own big boy room.

I know I've driven him crazy along the way and I would be lying if I didn't say the same, but when hubby couldn't be here to help with the boys, my dad was here. He helped clean and of course cook. He helped with baths and the night time routine. But most importantly, he helped me stay somewhat sane through the entire process while hubby was gone.

Thanks, Dad. We know you are always a phone call away. And don't forget to bring the duct tape. :)


Jude said...

He talks about his special time; being able to watch his grandsons grow up for a short time; and what a great mommy you are. you two made each other crazy, but he would not have missed it for the world!

Wenderina said...

This was so sweet. I have little tears in my eyes. Holy shoot.