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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Got my back, Mom?

There is one piece of baby equipment that I absolutely love. The exersaucer. If you aren't familiar with these, they are basically a stationary play seat for your child to be entertained while you are conducting other business in the house (ie dishes, laundry, cooking). Some are elaborate bouncer seats while some are just seats that spin when the baby turns. Some have an array of entertainment for the child to stay busy while others are ho hum.

The only bad thing about these? When your child poops while sitting in them and continues to bounce and play.... the poop goes up his back. He tries to tell me, but sometimes I just don't listen.

That'll teach me.

P.S. I've been having some crazy comments in a completely different language, so I've placed a comment moderation on the blog. I'll just have to approve what you say before you see, but please don't let that stop you from saying hi.


AmyBow said...

oh blowouts! how i don't miss ye!

AK will also tell me when she has to go to the bathroom (gooooo toilet training!) but I too don't always listen, and then I have to change a dirty diaper.

if only we always lsitened to them and they always lisened to us - life would be perfect.

Wenderina said...

yup. no diapers changed. Ever. in.my.life. Can't believe I've escaped the joy.