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Thursday, February 25, 2010


After living here with my two boys for almost five months, there are five things my father still finds amazing.

1) That a child, either the 4 month old or the 3 year old, can fill a diaper just 10 minutes after it was changed.

2) How fast 2 hours can go by when occupied with a 4 month old, especially when he is fussy.

3) That when caught at the right moment, BBZ can be asleep within 2 minutes of me putting him down for a nap.

4) How fast the mood of a 3 year old can change (okay maybe not that one, but it still surprises me sometimes).

5) That Gramma is extremely jealous that he gets to watch her second grandson grow up while she is in California.

1 comment:

Jude said...

It is "amazing" how men don't get it or that they are so "amazed" about what comes natural to us! and yes - I am envious of him being able to watch and be involved in the everyday events of my grandsons! Some day :)