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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Quick posting

Ok, so I only have a few minutes before BBZ wakes up, so I thought I would post a quick entry. Things around here have obviously been very hectic. Between LMA throwing fits because he doesn't want to do something, more like everything Mommy is asking (or Pop-pop) and BBZ not sleeping for 3-5 hours at a time, it's left me little time to do much of anything.

I do have to report that BBZ is already sleeping 5 hours at a time at night which of course is great for me if I go right to bed. Unfortunately, he is the laziest baby when it comes to chow time. Sometimes taking 45 minutes to nurse and not getting everything which leaves him hungry only 30 minutes later. This of course is not good for the "twins" who are very sore by the end of the day.

However, I wanted to share some great photos that were taken last weekend by a very good friend of mine. She was able to capture some beautiful shots of BBZ (would have done them sooner if it weren't for the yellow tint in his skin from the jaundice). Unfortunately, LMA only cooperated for a few minutes so we were only able to capture a few shots of just him rather than the brothers together. Don't worry. With Christmas fast approaching, we'll be getting shots of the two of them whether he likes it or not.


AmyBow said...

so fantastically sweet. and my girls are three and one and can pose together but just won't. When LP is game, AK is running, When AK Is game LP makes silly faces, covers her sister's face...good luck!

Mama Lou said...

Thanks, J for the adorable pictures of the boys.
I am sorry you are having difficulty with LMA but hope as time goes by he will make the adjustment.
Is he still going to preschool and if so are there problems there, too?

Lori said...

Those boys are too freaking cute! I love the pictures. You weren't kidding about BBZ having hair! So cute!!!

It sounds like you're doing great. Sure LMA is acting up but you knew he would and you know how to deal with it. You've got BBZ in a good routine already. Impressive!