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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween...Oh so sweet

Guest Post by Aunt Wenderina.

Halloween is not usually a big holiday for me. After several years of stocking up on the "good" candy and then having no trick-or-treaters at the door, I've learned that I am only purchasing that caloriefest for myself. This year, however, we had special reason to celebrate it with our TWO (yes TWO!) great nephews. And since pictures are worth a thousand words, let me just shut up now and give you some treats.

This could be deemed cruel and unusual punishment for this 3 week old
if it wasn't so damn cute.

Big Brother Little Man A is certainly entertained.

Kindly he tips his hat to Baby Brother Z.

The happy family (minus Lt. Dad who had to leave for training earlier today).


AmyBow said...

yay for new pictures and two adorable little boys. their momma looks great too!

Lori said...

First of all, sorry to hear that Hubby had to leave. It sucks, there's really no way around it.

Second, you look awesome!

And third, LMA and BBZ are both freaking adorable!

Mama Lou said...

Love the pictures,J and hope that we can see you before you leave DC.
I know it will be hard these next couple of weeks but hang in there and let grandpa help you.