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Friday, September 25, 2009

Preparing Little Man A

At my 36 week check-up last week, my doctor recommended getting Little Man A a baby doll. She recommended this more as a distraction for when I have to take care of the new kid. She found with her own children, that the added "responsibility" of having a baby doll to care for helped when she needed to tend to her new baby. Just by Little Man having his own baby doll to change the diaper or feed, will help with him adjusting to getting less attention (although I'm sure that's not going to be the case with the houseful that we will have once the new kid arrives).

Let me tell you, hubby is not all too thrilled with the idea of Little Man playing with a doll. So instead of buying one ourselves, which would make it a more permanent fixture in the house, I enlisted the help of a friend with a daughter. Both of which were more than happy to help.

So yesterday, when we came home from playing at the park, we found a baby doll at our doorstep. Because it was coming from a friend, I think Little Man was even more excited about it. As soon as I took the baby doll out of the bag, he was hooked like glue.

He sat down with the baby doll, patted his head, and began to speak softly to it. He was fascinated with the fact that his toes and fingers were stuck together. He absolutely loves giving the baby doll the bottle of milk (probably more because it disappears when you tip it up and then come back magically). The only thing that bothers him about the baby doll is that its eyes close when you lay it down. Next thing I know, LMA is prying open it's eyes. I just hope he doesn't do that to his baby brother when he's asleep.

But all in all, I think it was a good suggestion and move to get a baby doll (or at least borrow one). I'm sure it'll just be a novelty item over the next few days and will quickly fade away. But let's hope this is good preparation for when baby brother comes along.


Wenderina said...

This is so adorable. Don't let macho man Daddy get riled, this is the perfect training for being a big brother and even a future daddy himself.

Lori said...

LMA is going to be a great big brother! I'm sure he'll poke New Kid in the eye a few times but that's part of being the big brother.