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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A long time coming

In November, hubby will be leaving to go to school in Georgia for 7 weeks. He can fly down if he wants to, but he'll be without transportation while there (besides public transportation, that is). They do recommend taking a vehicle if you can just because you never know if you are going to be on or off post. I'm sure there will be a handful of people who don't have vehicles and will be hitching a ride, but hubby's not one to impose on people if he can help it.

So with only one vehicle right now, we needed to start shopping around for another vehicle for me. With the deals on the 2009 vehicles since the new 2010 are coming out on the lots, dealers are desperate to get rid of their overstock. Throw Labor Day weekend sales and events, and now made it the perfect time to purchase a car.

After two and a half years of only having one vehicle (and let me tell you, there have definitely been some hard times), I finally got me a new ride!

A new, with only 13 miles on it, 2009 Hyundai Tucson. This vehicle really reminds me of my Toyota Rav4 - drives just like it and is about the same size. We made sure to take BOTH car seats (still can't believe I had to take into consideration two car seats). Little Man even seems to like it as well. When we ventured out for our Sunday ritual to IKEA this weekend, he really wanted to take Mommy's new car (we took Daddy's truck in case we bought anything big, like a new big boy bed). And the perfect part, is that it fits right within our budget, it's not too small or too short where I need to bend over to fit everyone in their car seats, and a 5-year Bumper to Bumper Warranty included to boot! Oh and don't forget an XM satellite radio built into the radio!

It'll still take some getting used to from driving Daddy's big Ford F-150, but I'm pretty sure I'll catch on fast.


Jude said...

Nice color - you don't too bad yourself!

Wenderina said...

Nice ride babe. Glad you're fixed with your own wheels now. I drove a Subaru Outback Sport last week (friend's rental) and loved it. I think we may become a 2 subaru family.

Lori said...

It's really cute! I really like the color. You look great too!