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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Step 1: Conquer your fears. Check!

Today, Little Man tackled his worst fear.

The Potty.

Apparently, while I was out grocery shopping (of course when I was not here), Little Man A peed on the potty!!

We've been putting the potty seat in the tub since that's where he likes to go while taking a bath. He's started to sit on the potty, but then immediately starts chanting, "No, no, no." Tonight, Daddy did the same thing and when Little Man started to pee in the water, he immediately picked him up and sat him on the potty. Of course, Little Man started his chant, but then Daddy started lightly splashing water on him. Next thing he knew, he was peeing in the potty!

Daddy threw a little party and danced around the bathroom while Little Man couldn't believe he actually just peed in the potty.

I know I shouldn't be overly excited about it. As my good friend just informed me, don't get your hopes up early. These little buggers go at their own pace. I know, but I can help but get excited about his new accomplishment.

We'll see how next year goes.