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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas gift ideas

Part of Cookie magazine's Top 100 list was an idea of what to get the parent who has everything therefore their kids have everything. These books are coffee table worthy titles that kids will enjoy as well, in order of age. Check them out.

Newborn: The First Picture Book, by Edward Steichen and John Updike (Fotofolio)

Ages 1-2: The New Alphabet of Animals, by Christopher Wormell (Running Press)

Ages 2-4: I Am a Little Giraffe, by Francois Crozat (Barron's)

Ages 4-6: Martin Pebble, by Jacques Sempe (Phaidon)

Ages 4 & Up: A Balloon for a Blunderbuss, by Alastair Reid and Bob Gill (Phaidon)

All of these books can be found at Amazon.com or even half.com, but there may be limited availability.

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