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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Try not to be boring ole mom

Yes, I've begun the blogging entries again! That could mean only one thing: hubby is deployed again. And now that Blogger has an app, I'll be even more tempted to add a few entries for him to read from afar.

Today was the first weekend that it's just me and the boys. After having them in camp all week (thank goodness!), I wanted to be prepared with keeping them busy.

In anticipation of rain all morning, I searched Pinterest for ideas to do on a rainy day. However, when we woke to sunshine that meant Plan B: Get Outside!

We traveled to a nearby waterfront to explore. Along the way, we came across several hidden treasures! A walkway leading to a waterfall, a front-end loader, and a gazebo!

Looks like our first day of the weekend started off pretty good!

1 comment:

Wenderina said...

You are the best mom. Adventures big and small. Hope you enjoy the time as much as they do. Maybe even more right?