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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Reached my limit

I know sometimes parents, especially stay-at-home moms and dads, reach a certain point where they really can't go any further. When we reach our threshold for maximum whining, yelling, hitting (done by children to their siblings), housework, etc, etc. Shoot, even if you are not a parent, there just comes a time when you say, "Enough!"

Well, I've officially reached that. Last week, while trying to get the passports for the boys, I decided I needed to get away. Between hubby kidding around about living in 80 degree weather every single day (I still love you, dear.), LMA wanting nothing more than his daddy to come home, and not knowing what BBZ wants from day to day, I'm officially done. My run away destination? New York to see my awesome aunt, Wenderina, and my talented uncle, Carl.

Although most of the time that I was away from home involved traveling by train to NY and also traveling by car to a great retreat from the snow, it was nice to get away. I would definitely travel via train to NY again, but this time I would make sure to stay for a few more days.

Carl and I traveled to the J. L. Popp, Jr. Butterfly Conservatory just outside of Binghamton, NY. It was a long 3 hour drive and we were a little nervous that it was closed once we arrived, but it was like finding an oasis in the middle of the cold winter's day in NY. Here are a few of the pics that I took that day.

We were a little rushed to get back for a dinner party for Wenderina and Carl (I stayed at home and tried to catch up on my reading). We were only there for an hour and a half, but I would definitely go back again. It's amazing how many birds and butterflies, and reptiles were in such a small space, and it was REALLY nice to be able to have the place to ourselves. It made moving around the lizard on the floor, sitting in the middle of the pathway to take a picture of an oncoming tortoise, and following the hummingbirds around (or was he following me?) a lot easier.

Thank you both for letting me "run away from home" for 36 hours. It was exactly what I needed.


Wenderina said...

Darling girl. You are welcome here at any time. We love you tons. And just so you know that even non-parents reach ther limits, talented Uncle Carl just took a couple days off from his job (he considers his job a little like parenting kids) cuz he needed a break too!

Carl said...

Hey Jessica - Your compositions were awesome you have a great eye! nobody can teach you that. The camera stuff is easy enough to learn, but you have a gift for this. Thanks for going along for the ride and taking photos with me.

Lori said...

Hey if you ever want to run a little farther, you're more then welcome to come and freeze your butt off here in WI!

But if you come you have to bring your camera. Maybe take a few pics of my kid... You have an amazing talent!