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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So how was your Mother's Day?

This past Mother's Day was, well, to be nice to my boys, a little more hectic that I would have liked. I kept looking at LMA wondering who was this child and when would my good, sweet boy return from being kidnapped. BBZ was in rare form as well, totally skipping his last nap of the day which meant he was awake from 4 pm-9pm (I tried to put him down earlier but apparently his third or fourth wind kicked in by the time he finished his last bottle).

From now on, I'm making the Friday or Saturday before Mother's Day, MY Mother's Day. Here's why.

On Friday, I received a beautiful, or at least it was suppose to be, red miniature rose bush with ceramic pot from my parents. I say suppose to because the pot was destroyed in transport and the rose bush was practically transplanted into the plastic wrap around the plant. I was planning on putting it outside anyway, so it wasn't too bad. Also included was a gift certificate to a choice of local restaurants (to be used for hubby and I when they come back into town next month) and a small box of chocolates (which somehow have not been finished yet). Thankfully, Mom was able to contact the company and get a full refund for the damage.

On Saturday, hubby went out to return a fan to Home Depot and go to Lowe's to get one in the same brand so we could match hardware. Along for the ride was LMA, and as soon as they entered Lowe's, LMA heard banging in the distance. Kids Workshop. We've recently been taking him so many times that he now has four aprons, one from Home Depot and three from Lowe's (I plan on taking two back next time we go to Lowe's), a pair of goggles, and his own hammer (not sure we were suppose to walk away with this, but he wouldn't let it go). Anyways.... he ended up making a special little planter with trellis and Lowe's supplied a petunia for Mother's Day. He also worked hard at school making a card, a bookmark (which I didn't include in the pic), a tile with his handprint, and a little popsicle stick frame with picture taken by the teachers.

Before the end of the day, I received a bouquet of long stem roses from "Your three boys". We even had a wonderful dinner where both boys were on their best behavior and LMA didn't have to be told 500 times to "eat his dinner" or "sit down." And for dessert? No Pudge Fudge Brownies with white chocolate chips, caramel pieces, and Andies candies scattered on top. Could not have asked for a better day.

So from now on, either I go out and get a massage on Sunday or I just call Saturday Mother's Day. Either way a massage would be good (hint hint hubby).


Jude said...

And many more "Mother's Days" to come!!

Lori said...

Moms should get a monthly massage in their benefits package!

Sounds like you had a nice weekend overall!