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Sunday, August 19, 2012

A hiking adventure we will go

Before the rain could dampen the rest of the day, I dragged (almost literally) the boys out for a morning hike through the woods. With snacks, water bottles, and diaper bag in tow, our adventure ended up lasting close to 90 minutes! It was not all walking though. We of course had to stop for a snack on one of the many small bridges. Throwing large rocks that they could barely pick up and toss into the water was a must. And an occasional science lesson on how to tell the age of a tree and the fungal plates on the side of a tree.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Try not to be boring ole mom

Yes, I've begun the blogging entries again! That could mean only one thing: hubby is deployed again. And now that Blogger has an app, I'll be even more tempted to add a few entries for him to read from afar.

Today was the first weekend that it's just me and the boys. After having them in camp all week (thank goodness!), I wanted to be prepared with keeping them busy.

In anticipation of rain all morning, I searched Pinterest for ideas to do on a rainy day. However, when we woke to sunshine that meant Plan B: Get Outside!

We traveled to a nearby waterfront to explore. Along the way, we came across several hidden treasures! A walkway leading to a waterfall, a front-end loader, and a gazebo!

Looks like our first day of the weekend started off pretty good!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Who can get the most?

You can tell its close to the end of summer and fall is about to be upon us. Why? Because of all the darn horse chestnuts we have in our front yard. Unfortunately, the squirrels and the chipmunks don't like them either which leaves us to picking them up. With all the things that I have to do in the house, that's just one more thing for me to do outside. So one day after dinner, I decided we should play a game. Who can pick up the most horse chestnuts? I handed both boys a bucket that they had not played with in awhile and said, "Ready? Set? Go!" And would you believe that we had those suckers picked up in less than 15 minutes? We liked that game!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Where are you bir-bird?

For the past couple weeks we've all taken a liking to watching our little hummingbirds visit our feeders by the bay window. It's almost a relaxer of sorts sitting quietly still while our little visitor sips his drink and then buzzes away as fast as he appeared. One morning after breakfast, BBZ was insistent on pulling up a chair to wait for our feathered friend. Unfortunately our friend is a little shy, but he did greet us again at dinnertime.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A nice cold one for everyone!

So its been four weeks now since I started my little Sunday tradition of taking the boys to the track with me to go running. LMA has been a super biker and BBZ, well, he continues to throw things out of the stroller while I am running. But the best thing?? A nice cold coconut frappicino from Starbucks! For everyone!! Now who wouldn't want to go running with me?